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What's in the List when Moving to the New House

The reality of moving from one home to the new house gives you two kinds of emotions. You may feel excited or happy and at the same time feel stressful or worried. That is why you need to make a good plan and prepare for your move to avoid hassles and worries. The most basic you can do to achieve that is to make a moving checklist.
Packing and unpacking are your main concerns. You do not want to leave your things because of forgetfulness. Thus, you must list down all the things you need to bring, pack and label.
You must be able to write down each item you have in a particular room. You all include those items in one list, while the items from another room are listed on another paper, and so forth and so on. This will make it easier for you to pack things without messing up.
Secondly, when you pack those items into box, ensure that you classify the items according to weight, size and kind. All fragile items must be packed in one box while soft and smooth things have to be stored in another box. That is how you are going to pack your belongings.
Afterwards, you label each box so you know what items to display in respective rooms. Your checklist does not only end when you leave the old house. This process continues when you get into the new home as well. Unpacking is the last phase of the moving process that you must also organize. However, this task is easier to do if you keep your checklist along.