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Moving Service Acton were recommended as a local house removals company that were reliable. Am pleased to say that the recommendation was obviously correct as they've been superstars from start to finish! I detest having to move home and the upheaval of it all but this company helped to take all of the hassle away from me, taking care of everything so I didn't have to. Really made this move far more enjoyable than previous ones and my daughter has already booked them for her move later this year.

  • Claudia Laurence
  • 19May 2016

Removals Services Acton were the company I used when I wanted to rent a van. I had some materials to shift from my workshop to my garage and wanted a large van. This company supplied a removal van which came with a driver. All I had to do was load and unload. The rates were cheap and the choice of van sizes was huge. All of the vans were the newest models and insured. I was impressed with the service; I will most definitely be using it again.

  • Alex Gilbert
  • 02Dec 2015

I was impressed at both the means and techniques employed across furniture removal. The service provided by Moving Service Acton was second to none. I delighted in seeing the staff wrap my things in bubble wrap and shrink wrap before transporting the items into the removals van. They used only the best in modern materials and devices. Upon seeing this, I felt confident that my possessions would be transported safely.

  • Pete S.
  • 24Jun 2015