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Tips for Making a Move Less Stressful

Making a move is often recognised as one of the most stressful things you can do in life. You're having to co-ordinate leaving one property behind, moving to a new one and dealing with all thing middle men involved; banks, letting/estate agents. The least you can do is grease the wheels a little and try and make life a bit easier for yourself. Here are some tips to make things go a little more smoothly. 1.    Plan ahead. Try and get the boxing of non-essential items out of the way nice and early. 2.    Don't work too late. If you're pushing it time-wise, try and take it easy on yourself. You can always draft in help if you need to from removal companies or friends. There's no point in working until the wee hours and making yourself ill. It's often far better to get an early night and an early morning. 3.     Don't take on extra work or change plans. Try and stick to the schedule you've set yourself. Even if you're a little behind, it's better to try and catch up gradually rather than flogging yourself to catch up. It's easy to be generous with your time, especially if you don't often get time off, but bear in mind that the move needs to take precedence and act accordingly. 4.    Take breaks. If you work continually you can work yourself into the ground before you know where you are. Moving house is a marathon, not a sprint. Take frequent breaks, and pay attention to how you feel. Drink lots of water, and keep a kettle and a set of teabags handy! 5.    Be social. A little bit of chit-chat can make things seem a lot less daunting than they may feel otherwise. This can be with your removal men, or alternatively, get the neighbours in! It's a very good way to say your goodbyes. 6.    Eat properly. Making sure you eat decently proportioned meals is important to keep your energy levels up. The week of a move probably isn't the best time to take on your GI diet. Keep stocked up on carbs to keep your concentration up and reduce the risk of mistakes and accidents. 7.    Keep an eye on the weather. Watch out for adverse weather conditions, and plan accordingly. It's better to wait a few hours than to find yourself and all of your possessions stuck in a snow drift. If it's going to be very hot, make sure that there is enough water available to keep hydrated. If there's going to be rain, keep out mats for people to wipe their feet on. 8.    Listen to music. Keep a radio or a CD player handy, and you can keep the music going all the way through the packing process. This can make the whole process feel a lot less like hard work. Make sure you pack a variation, though! There's no quicker way to put yourself off and album then to have to listen to it over and over again. 9.    Get some help with the packing. Get as much help as you can. Think about using a removals or packing company to help you get everything done on time. Make sure that you appropriately label you boxes, to make sure they find the right room. Pack and label 'priority' boxes, to be unpacked first on the other side so your most important things are easily accessible. 10.    Send the kids to the babysitters. There's enough stress in moving without having to make sure the children are behaving. Send them away for a few hours while you move.