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Things To Consider When Hiring A Man With A Van

If you are planning to move houses and want to keep your removal budget to a minimum, hiring a man with a van might be a feasible option. This works if you are planning to do most of the packaging yourself and need only transportation services for removal.  Of course, you could always get help from your family and friends or use a taxi or car to move your stuff, but sometimes it is better to leave the heavy lifting and moving to the professionals, especially if you want to avoid damaging your goods during loading and unloading. Besides, you may not always be able to fit everything you have in a car or a taxi.However, there are certain things you should keep in mind to ensure that you get a good deal and quality services when hiring a man with a van.1.    Do your researchThere are probably a lot of competitive quotes for ‘man and van’ services available in your area; it would be a good idea to browse through the internet or ask friends for recommendations before choosing one. Most company websites are able to provide you instant quotes online. The cheapest need not necessarily be the best one for you. Be sure to check out the testimonials from previous clients before you pick a service.2.    Choose a van sizeYou will need to book a van or a truck depending on the amount and size of belongings that you need to move. If you are not sure which size of vehicle you would need, you should contact the company as they will be better equipped to advise you on this matter. Depending on how heavy some of your items are, you might also require a van with a tail lift. Make sure to specify all these requirements during booking.3.    Extra helpEven though it is called a ‘man and van’ service, most companies are willing to send extra help to assist with the loading and unloading process, and sometimes even with packaging. If you need to get some heavy lifting done, especially up and down stairs, it is advisable to recruit professional help. This not only ensures that your goods are handled carefully but also that you don’t hurt yourself in the process. However, before you hire a service you must make sure that the people they send over are professionals who have experience in handling heavy and/or fragile items. Most small firms do not directly employ their staff but rather hire cheap labour when needed. This may mean that your possessions may not be treated with care or packed well for the journey.4.    Book well in advanceAlthough there are many man and van services that will dispatch transport and manual assistance to you even if you call them at the last hour, it is better if you book a few days ahead. This way, you can discuss your removal needs with the company and they can reserve the appropriate vehicle and men you would need for moving.  Also, it is safe to book the service for a longer duration than what you calculate it would take to complete the moving process. This is a precaution in case of unforeseen traffic delays or such.5.    Extra costsWhen you are negotiating prices with the removal company, make sure that you insist on transparency in the deal. On the day of your move, you don’t want to be surprised by extra costs for fuel, parking or delays due to traffic. Depending on the value of the goods that you are moving, it would also be a good idea to get some insurance, just in case of damage.If you keep these things in mind, you should be able to enjoy a smooth move between properties while at the same time, saving a few quid.