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Things To Consider When Buying Property In Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace is located in the South-East of London, and it is located at the boundary of four of the main boroughs, these being Southwark, Croydon, Lambeth and Bromley.  Before you make any decisions to move to Crystal Palace or start looking for properties, you should research the area to make sure you will be entirely happy living there. Crystal Palace is a very busy city and because of this you will have the luxury of deciding whether to live in your home or rent out your crystal Palace house.  Where Crystal Palace is located is a popular area and so you will have no trouble renting it out. Crystal Palace has an abundance of shops, restaurants and  pubs, as well as some of the most beautiful views you will find in the City of London.  Further to this, tourism is on the rise especially since the arrival of the dinosaur exhibition in Crystal Palace park.  Upper Norwood is a highly popular area with its house prices being relatively affordable and large family homes being available at almost a half of the price in nearby neighbourhood’s, such as Dulwich, and there are plenty of options for first-time buyers with a selection of one- and two-bedroom flats. In Crystal Palace you will find a large number of big houses, large mansions were built leading up to the Paxton’s great greenhouse’s arrival, these mansions have since been separated and divided, they have now been converted into flats.The main property buyers in Crystal Palace are primarily young professionals, most of which will have considered their relocation thoroughly before moving, and as a result they have avoided the problem of losing out on properties because fo being ‘priced out of them’.  To give you an idea of prices,  a large two-bedroom flat will likely sell for £270,000, while in Clapham, for example, a similar sized flat would cost anywhere between £400,000-£500,000.  The most desired places to live are in the area of the  Fox Hill conservation area, which can be found in the middle of Church Road and also Anerley Hill is quite popular too, offering mid-Victorian villas and Victorian terraces.Since the arrival of the new forms of public transport, the demand for rented property in and around Anerley Hill is continuing to increase, this is also due to the close locality to the National Sports Centre and the park.The #primary School, Paxton, which can be found on Woodland Road is now judged by OFSTED as an  improving and good primary school.  To add to this are Elm Wood and Kingswood primary schools, which collectively have formed the Gipsy Hill Federation. Harris City Academy Crystal Palace, secondary school, is judged by OFSTED as outstanding due to its high academic results.  There are also private schools, for example Sydenham High in Westwood Hill, Dulwich College for boys and James Allen’s Girls’ School.The athletics track in Crystal Palace athletics track is often used to host both national and international meets, inviting athletes and from all over the globe to compete. The National Sports Centre that is located in Crystal Palace Park, has one of the biggest and most beautiful swimming pools in the whole of the London area. Purchasing a home in Crystal Palace is definitely something that you should seriously consider doing.