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The Different Types of Boxes for Your Moving Needs

Moving boxes come in wide ranges of shapes and sizes. Having said that, you now realize that you have to decide what items you intend to put in them so you can determine how many you need, what sizes and what specific type of moving boxes to use.
Here are the different types of boxes you can use and suggestions on how you can utilize them.
Standard Moving Boxes - These are the most common and most frequently used boxes. Their size may range from 1 to 6.1 cubic foot, giving you wider options for various items.   
Hanging Wardrobe Boxes - These boxes have a metal bar inside and shapes like a wardrobe. It may come in various sizes too, depending on how much clothing you wish to hang. Some movers also use these boxes to move delicate materials such as chandeliers.
Lay Down Wardrobe Boxes - This box is similar to a dresser drawer, perfect for clothing that you prefer to fold once. Be careful not to overload this box as it cannot sustain heavy materials.
Picture/Mirror Boxes - These boxes can be put to together for an extended fit. They are the commonly used for framed pictures and paintings.
Dish Packs - These boxes are great for packing wine bottles and glasses. They have specialized compartments to accurately support breakable glass and bottles.
Mattress Boxes - Mattress boxes are really not that necessary as movers often use plastic bags, which are relatively cheaper. If you are going to store your mattress for a long time, these boxes can ensure that your mattress stay in good shape.