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Guide to an Effective Apartment Search

Finding the right apartment entails many stages. It's more than simply negotiating for the rental fee, completing the paper work or signing a tenant agreement. You need at least six weeks to find an apartment that fits your budget and needs. Before relocating, follow this simple guide.
6 weeks to move out:

Assess your needs. What would you require of your new apartment? What are the establishments you want easy access to? Do you want to be near the school, office, grocery or terminal? Gather apartment listings in your locality and compare rental rates.

5 weeks to go:
Select prospective apartments from the listings you have gathered. Make some research about the neighborhoods you are considering to make sure that it is the right one.

4 weeks left:
Spare some time to actually visit the apartments you are considering. Talk to the landlords and study the surrounding area well. Pick the apartment that best suits your requirements.

Time to Move!
 On moving day, hire a moving company to assist you in relocating items. Make a final walkthrough in your current apartment together with your landlord to get your bond back. Review your agreement with your new landlord. Now, you are ready to go.