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De-Cluttering Your Home Prior to a Move: Asking Family Members to Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff

If you have a son, daughter or if you yourself are a pack rat, moving will definitely be a pain. Over the years, you would have accumulated stuff that you haven't even worn or used yet. Your attic may be filled with memorabilia from the past and you may have bought more kitchen gadgets than what you can actually use.

As painful as it may be for you to let go of some of these things, you should actually consider moving as a time to de-clutter. Have a fresh start on the home that you are transferring to by taking only the things that you need, and getting rid of everything else that's unnecessary.

To get you started, here's how you and the rest of your family member can de-clutter and organize your things during a move:
•    Make each family member responsible for de-cluttering his or her own room. Have your kids pack only the things that they want to bring to the new house. Sort through the clothes and donate ones that do not fit anymore, sell ones which have not been used.

•    Pack all the things in your house one room at a time. Again, it pays to get rid of the kitchen gadgets that you have barely used and sell it. Take only the things that you need to make a fresh start at your new home.

•    Lastly, if there's still a fair amount of ‘good junk' left after you have organized your things, get in touch with a local second hand store in your area or sell it at a garage sale. You may even use the garage sale as an opportunity to invite your friends over and have a moving out party.