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How to Make Your Moving Experience a Positive One

No matter how excited you are to move into a new home, it is inevitable to feel anxious about organizing and packing your belongings. Broken and lost goods are the worst nightmare of every moving householder. To make your relocation a positive experience, you must learn how to be organized. This very important regardless if you are moving within the city or overseas.
To start with, you need to create a check-list indicating all the things you need to accomplish before moving day. Six to eight weeks prior your schedule, your checklist must include verifying moving date, securing of estimates from various movers, reserving a moving truck, sending out change-of-address notifications and discarding excess stuff.

After completing these tasks, make another checklist which you must complete on moving day. These tasks are packing of non-essentials, arranging for babysitting services, arranging for disconnection of utilities and other subscriptions, and finalizing moving details with the moving company.

Packing Suggestions

Aside from the checklist, systematic packing must also be practiced to avoid loss or damages. Follow these simple packing suggestions for a better chance of making a seamless transition.

1.    Gather boxes of various sizes - Don't use large boxes only as this may cause you to fill them with items until they become too heavy for a person to carry.
2.    Use cushioning - Buy bubble wrap, packing paper and newsprints to wrap and pack fragile items.
3.    Begin with the non-essentials
4.    Label each box with its contents and the belong where it belongs to
5.    Pack an ‘open me first' box - This contains essentials such as toiletries, clothing and medicine box