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How to Turn a House Removal into a Fun Event for the Kids

For a child, or for a group of children, moving house can be a very stressful time. Without knowing the complexity or the nuances of why and where you might be moving, the transition appears to the child in a very different manner than it will to you. As such, they might not entirely understand or sympathise with your efforts to package away all of their possessions. Children of all ages may struggle with the process, so below are a series of tips to try and brighten their day, and to make the entire move a great deal more agreeable for all parties.     Trying to pack when the children are around can be difficult. Young children might not grasp the concept, may be keen to help but unable to properly assist, or may actively try to sabotage the packing for their own amusement. Turning the process into a game can make the children much more enthusiastic. The easiest example would be to turn the difficult problem of fitting everything into one box into a puzzle. Can they figure out how best everything might fit? Let the children try to solve it, but keep an eye on them. They might find a better solution than any you’ve managed thus far.     A well fed child is, usually, a much more mannered child. Moving day can be tough and you may well find time slipping past at a furious rate. Skipping meals helps no one, however, and making sure that the children, as well as yourself, have been eating properly will keep spirits up and fend off any worries.     Once you’re all packed, there’s a special treat awaiting a well behaved child. Providing you’ve rented a large van for the day, the opportunity to sit up front and survey the road from a whole new pulpit might well be a tantalising reward for a young one. Usually, the journey between properties is short enough that the novelty will not have worn off by the time you arrive. Whereas to you the van may appear workmanlike and utilitarian, to the child it is a whole new world and an utterly fresh experience to be taken in entirely.   It is a time honoured tradition that, having received a bounty of presents on Christmas morning, a child winds up making much more use of the box the gift arrived in, letting their imaginations run wild with the playful possibilities offered up by a simple empty box. Well, it is a wondrous coincidence that a day which might seem potentially one of the most boring for a child can also contain a large number of boxes and opportunities to exercise their active imaginations. Consider getting a few more boxes than you need, as a tool to entertain the children.     If all else fails, or if you have previous experience of a child not reacting well to a removal day, then you always have the option of allowing them to have a fun day out while you do all the work. A special trip to a friend’s house or a visit to their grandparents will be enough to allow you the freedom to get your moving done quickly and efficiently without having to worry about the kids.     Moving can be a difficult and confusing time for children. Whereas these tips might help keep them entertained during the moving process, it is also important to explain to your child the situation, so that they do not worry about their new home. It is also incredibly important, and while obvious it bears saying, to keep an eye on children at all times.