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Furniture Removals Made Easy

When it comes to moving house or moving the office there will no doubt be a lot of heavy lifting involved. Moving is not easy especially when you have to lift your heaviest of goods and it certainly can’t be done single handed.To help make your removals a little more manageable we have listed the easiest ways to do it, that will not only help you to move those items safely (no pulling backs or anything!) but also help you to get the job done quicker, however want we can’t promise, is that it won’t be stressful, because no doubt it will be, as every removal generally is!But stresses aside for now let’s discover the best ways to complete this tricky mission; Plan, plan, plan!Judging by the title I’m sure you get where we are coming from, yes you need to plan because if you don’t plan in advance you may end up having to do this all by yourself and that’s certainly not a good idea! If you know that heavy lifting is involved within this move then you need to make-sure that you have those extra hands available on that day. People make plans so never assume that they will be there for you when you need them to be and make-sure that you have asked for help in advance! Van size!Remember that larger items need to be able to fit in the van! Ensure you hire one that is big enough. There is no use trying to squeeze everything into a tiny van it will only add to the stress and also it could cause injury to yourself or your hired help by trying to do so! This is not about trying to cut costs this is about managing to get all your heavy goods from one place to the next swiftly, and ensuring that they get there in one peace and that everyone is safe! Never struggle!Trying to be clever thinking your some kind of hulk man is destined for disaster! It’s much more manageable when you get at least one more person to help with the heavy lifting, not only will it take lesser strain of the person who’s lifting but also it will save heaps of time in the long run. If you can get more help, even better! Watch the corners!One of the most common occurrences that happen when lifting heavy goods is that you end up scarping or chipping the corners, try to avoid this by taking time to manoeuvre those goods around small spaces, this is not a race! Any damage caused is only going to add to the cost and not to mention the stress levels!Also watch out for interior walls and woodwork because you do not want to be causing any damage to a property your about to leave nor do you want to damage your new one! If the space is incredibly tight, try taking the item apart or at least removing a part of it, it possible! Packing!You may want to consider packaging some of your items to reduce damage or scratches that can occur during transit. Sometimes only a little padding to the corners and edges is all that’s required. Although this may seem like a waste of valuable time you could end up regretting not doing it afterwards, especially if anything were to happen!If you are moving a washer be sure to replace the transit bar, if you still have it. The transit bar is generally fitted to all washers at the time of purchase to reduce the movements of the drum; it’s very beneficial for making sure a washer is moved without causing any damage to the appliance. If you do not have one, you may be able to shop online for one, it shouldn’t cost you much and it certainly beats having to replace the washer all together should anything go wrong!