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How to Move Out your Personal Desktop Computer

One of the more common things that is being moved out these days is the desktop computer.  However, because not many parents know how to properly disassemble the desktop, they end up bringing the entire personal computer as is.  
In order to save space and ensure that the computer is well taken care of during the move out, the following procedures should be taken in consideration during the move out:
• To make things right, you need to ensure that everything is backed up.  You will never know the time when it is going crash so it is better that you have all the data backed up before you get everything disengaged.• Make sure that the computer is unplugged and shut down before you proceed to disassembling the entire desktop.  You start with removing the connecting cables at the back of the computer going to your monitor and then follow on having all the disassembled parts properly cushioned. • When there are peripheral devices like printer, scanner, and modem that is attached to the computer, ensure that these are properly detached before putting them inside the box. 
Your personal computer does not only equate with money.  There are so many important files and documents that are saved on it.  So, it is better that this is properly and securely packed.