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7 Tips to Store your Stuff Safely

Keep your furniture, gadgets, books and clothes while you move safe by storing them in a good facility for the time being. Make sure that all your items are kept in tip-top condition while you're away with these useful tips. 1. Figure out how much space you need and how many items you plan to store. Choose storage facilities that can house all your items. It's also good to choose a facility that is near your home if you plan to access your storage frequently. 2. When buying boxes in which to store your items, it's better to choose those that have the same size and shape, so they're easier to stack. You also make the most out of your storage space if your boxes are uniform. 3. Spray all metal items with rust protector or wipe them down with oil when storing to prevent oxidation and rust. 4. Humidity is your appliances' and furniture's worst enemy. Besides mold and mildew, moisture can cause wooden furniture to warp. Leave space between your furniture or appliances and the wall to allow air to circulate between them. 5. Pack similar items together such as books and magazines in one box, CDs and records in another. Label them correctly so you won't have a hard time looking for particular items later on. 6. Leave room in your storage space where you can walk between rows or boxes and appliances or furniture, so you have easy access to all of your items at any time. 7. Always fill up your boxes to the brim. If there is space left below the lid, fill this with newspaper or wrapping to keep everything compact. Boxes that are half-full tend to fall and collapse. Remember that you just can't put all your things carelessly in storage, forget about them and expect them to be in good shape when you finally need them. Take proper care of your stored items to make them last longer.