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10 Dos And Don'ts Of Moving

Everything is possible when you know how to do it. But sophisticated and extensive explanations can make you really crazy, if taken in big amounts. Don't worry if you started feeling dizzy already. Even a complicated process like a relocation can be reduces to a few simple dos and don'ts advices. Read further to know them

Do start planning early
In the ideal case, you should start planning three months in advance. Two months also work, but everything under five weeks is a little bit of irresponsible.

Don't suffocate with tiny details
When planning, concentrate on the big picture first, and leave the small details for the very end. For example, start with renovating the new place, finding a moving company and setting the approximate date of the moving, and leave the packing and cleaning and setting the route for the moving van for the last week.

Do get rid of everything you don't need anymore
Take a good look at all your possessions, estimate which ones you really need to have, and sell or get away or throw away the rest.

Don't pack everything you owe
It isn't worth the time and energy you put into packing and moving items you later decide you don't need any more.

Do make a moving plan
A moving plan should contain what you have to do week by week, and in the last week, day by day. It's really helpful in keeping the pace of your and your family's actions to-dos.

Don't overplan
The moving plan gives the guidelines. It shouldn't be too comprehensive! How to know if you aren't overplanning? Easy, if your moving plan is longer than 10 printed pages - it's too long.

Do start packing on time
Proper packing is essential for the smooth and safe moving. So start a week early, and pack properly.

Don't pack without thinking first
When packing, put some thinking in what will be essential for you for the last days, and pack those essentials last. Also consider the right way to pack and label, so you know where everything is, and when you will need it.

Do draw a furniture layout plan
The furniture layout plan is a scheme of your new home room by room. It helps everyone see where everything should be placed when moved in, and saves loads of time to explain and reorder on moving day.

Don't make the new home look exactly like your old home
When drawing the furniture layout plan, try every variant of interior decision you can think of. Dare to search for new furniture to make the new home new for you. The furniture can be second-hand, or bought on sale, but if it looks good - take it, so you don't spend so much money.

Do find the right moving company for you
The right moving company is crucial for the flawless relocation. Price is important, but also are custom-friendliness, the services included in that price and the quality of the service.

Don't spend too much on moving
Put some time in finding cheaper resolutions for some aspects of your relocation.

Do throw a moving party
This is the right way of saying goodbye to the old town or area, neighbors and friends.

Don't lose your motivation
Keep your head up! You will surely make new friends in the new place.

Do gather volunteers to help on moving day
Ask friends, relatives and neighbours to help you on moving day. More people complete more tasks in less time.

Don't overdo yourself
If you or the helpers are not 100 per cent sure they can do something, like connecting the washing machine, for example, don't hesitate to ask for professional help.

Do start early on moving day
Moving day is really eventful, so get an early start.

Don't get nervous on moving day
Don't lose your sleep in order to finish everything up! Moving day is also a day.

Do stay positive
Do your best to stay relaxed and don't lose your temper. Being a little behind schedule is normal on moving day.

Don't get overwhelmed by small errors
Don't get disappointed, when something, or even several things, go wrong. Loads of people manage to relocate every day, so why shouldn't you?