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What Types Of Storage Options Are There

Storage companies tend to offer a whole range of storage packages designed to suit the changing needs of households and businesses. Sometimes it can be hard to know what sort of storage is right for you but with a quick read of the below you should know exactly what sort you require.Self Storage UnitsSelf storage units are small to medium sized units which can be hired for short or long periods of time. Generally stored on a secure storage site, the units are a great way of keeping your household or business items safe. With self storage you will be the only person who has access to your unit and you will retain flexible access to your things. Some storage facilities are even open 24/7, giving you complete freedom to access your possessions whenever you need. Remember that in most cases, self storage is a no-frills option, meaning that you need to be able to move the items into the unit without any help from the company. Despite this, if the company is reputable then you should be guaranteed to receive a clean and well-maintained unit which will keep your items safe and dry.Mobile Self StorageAs with traditional self storage units, when you hire a mobile self storage unit you will need to load and unload the items into the unit all by yourself. However, with a mobile self storage unit you don’t have to hire a van and transport your furniture or removal boxes to the storage site as the storage firm will bring the mobile unit directly to your home. Cutting out the need for transportation and multiple trips to and from the van at both ends, mobile storage is great for those who have a lot of things to move. When you’re ready to have your things back, the storage company will then deliver it back to your previous or new address so that you can unload it at your leisure.Home StorageWhen you’re moving home or clearing out your cupboards you may find things that you would like to put into storage. In these instances, many companies offer great home storage packages which can help you to get your home in order at a reasonable price. Whether it’s valuable furniture, important documents or sentimental items, there are always lots of different storage options which can be tailored to meet your needs. Small storage lockers are ideal for jewellery, photos or papers, while large storage rooms tend to be more suitable for large furniture pieces.Business StorageBusiness storage packages are ideal for offices, retail outlets or travelling salespeople as they give firms somewhere safe and secure to store items for a flexible period of time. Small storage units are great for storing old archived files or documents, while larger storage rooms can act as a great warehouse space. With flexible access times, businesses can retain complete control over their stock or files and can give other employees access when required. If you’re downsizing or moving offices, then short-term storage packages can also help to make the moving process more efficient, giving businesses more time to get things organised and to work out what they do and do not need.Student StorageIf you’re a student who is moving out of rented accommodation for the summer holidays then you may need somewhere to store your stuff while you’re travelling or away. To save you from lugging all of your books and assignments back to your parents, there are plenty of storage sites which offer low-cost, no-frills student deals. Giving you the freedom to travel around as much as you need, these storage packages can really save you from any unnecessary hassle.