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Tips On Packing For Your Move

Moving house is one of the most stressful events in life. There is such a lot to sort out, and can be very hectic. When you have made the choice to move on whether it is moving to a new rental property, or you have sold up and moving to a new home it still involves some work. You may have already got a quote and booked your removal company, but here still leaves the clear out and packing of your home contents. Most people dread this job, and to be fare it is a big job. Here we look at some tips on helping at this busy time. 1. Aquire plenty of packing supplies You could order all of your packing supplies through your removal company. Then you will be provided with the best quality packing materials to do the job. If your money won’t stretch to buying first class packing materials, then you will have to find second hand resources. You will need lots of boxes to pack up your home, and have to get hold of used ones from shops. It is advisable you try to get the boxes from various shops when they have only been used once, or they may not keep your belongings safe and secure for the delivery. 2. Packing tips and making a fresh start It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to packing up a life’s worth of contents. One of the main jobs to do first is go through your things, and have a clear out. There is likely to a lot of stuff that either you don’t want anymore or don’t use or even broken and damaged. You can hoard a lot of junk which really should be gotten rid of. Tidy up and hire a skip or clearance company to dispose of rubbish and recycling items such as paper, plastic, metal, cardboard, glass and garden waste. You are bound to have a lot of memorabilia that you will want to keep, and this should be stored away safely and labeled for future. 3. Advice on getting rid of unwanted bits and piecesAfter you have cleared your rubbish you will be left with the remaining possessions that are too good to dump, but you don’t want to move with them. You may have furniture that won’t fit in your new house as well as kitchen appliances and garden items, books, clothes, toys and ornaments. The list can be endless what you may not need, so you could give it away to family, friends or local charities. If you want to make some cash try to sell them advertising on selling sties on the internet, local papers or visit car boot sales. 4. Packing just what you want to takeWhen you are left with the things you want to move with you, start in one room at a time and ensure breakables are packed using newspapers of bubble wrap to protect them. As you pack make an inventory to match the boxed items. Label them clearly and keep the weight similar for lifting. Store boxes in each room, and for ease you could colour code them. 5. The final week of preparationsThe last few days pack a suit case with bedding, towels, clothes and toiletries so you can live out of this for a few days. After flat pack furniture and seal with plastic clearly. Place screws in small bags. Labeling and cross referencing on a list will help keep everything for your removal organised.