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Tips on How to Pack and Move Awkward and Irregularly-Shaped Items

Some items are easy to pack and to haul. However, some items are bulky and others are delicate so extra care is imperative if you want to avoid damaging them.
Always follow basic packing tips like always prepare enough packing materials. For instance, you should have enough bubble wrap, packing papers and clean clothing for padding and cushioning your things. It would help if you have safety straps for securing big furniture and appliances in place during transit. If you are transporting large furniture, it's important that you check the pathways of your current home and of your new home. You should also measure your furniture. This way, you can ensure that movers will be able to pass through quite easily. If pathways are narrow, you would be able to disassemble them first to allow passage.
On the other hand, if you have a water bed it's best that you empty it first and dry the insides before packing and transporting. Make sure to check instructions so you can care and pack the water bed correctly.
And if you have delicate items, you need to provide enough cushions first before closing boxes. It's imperative that there is not room for movement during transit so breakage can be avoided. Appliances such as TVs and DVD players are best packed in their original packaging because such boxes are really made for them. Such boxes even have Styrofoam to protect your appliances. But if they are no longer available you can order special moving boxes instead. And again make sure that enough cushions are provided and the item is secure inside.