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Things You Should Not Store in Self Storage Units

Self storage units are rented when excess items need to be stored. For instance, if you are moving to a smaller home you would have not enough space for all your things. At times, people are also forced to rent storage units when they are not able to move directly to their new home. However, there are also some prohibitions as to what type of items can be stored.
For instance, it is usually prohibited to store guns and ammunitions. This is mandated by law and also by storage facilities owners because they can be hazardous in events such as fire. It could explode and even harm rescuers and other people in the vicinity. Of course, it could also be tempting for thieves as well.
Flammable liquids and other hazardous items are prohibited too. Again, this is because they can cause fire and explosions, and then harm people in the process.
Of course, pets should also not be stored in storage units. For their health, they should be in the most favorable environment. It would be too cruel to store them in storage facilities because it would kill your pets to do so.
Illegal items are not legal for a reason. And so they are not acceptable in storage units as well. Storage units should not be your hiding places for such items. Besides these items, the manager and the facilities owners can also impose more prohibitions so you should take note of them before you rent storage units.