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Some Basic Tips for Moving

When it comes to moving, a lot of people find themselves in the dark on how to make their move a lot more efficient and cost effective. Here are a few basic tips to help ease some of that moving-related stress:   1. Try to sell what you don't really need. Take a good look at all the things you have and bring only the ones you can really use when you get to your new home. The rest, before you chuck in the trash, may offer some extra funds if you try to sell them through a garage sale. You can also donate useful items to charity.   2. You need to take special care to pack well, as the way you pack will dictate how fast you can settle into your new space. So, be sure to 1) inventory your things and boxes; 2) label everything accordingly; 3) pack on a per room basis; and 4) always pack your breakable items with care - use materials like packing peanuts, crumpled newspapers and bubble wrap.   3. Make a plan and follow a time table to make sure that you can schedule and foresee any problems that may arise. It is also important to do this early so that you have time to prepare (along with any other people who will be affected or are included in the move).