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Tips to Ensure Superior Move-in Cleaning Service

When moving into a new house, you can't help but feel ecstatic. You constantly dream about it and make plans to transform it into a beautiful palace. Upon reaching your destination, you open the door and lo and behold, the house is filthy, cobwebs all over the place. Are you going to spend the rest of your first day cleaning the new house? Possibly, but if you are short on time or just don't have the energy, you may want to consider hiring a move-in cleaning company.
Move in cleaning companies could take care of all your house cleaning requirements, from mopping the floor to throwing trash bins. Cleaning teams, consisting of maids, janitors, moving helpers, cleaning helpers, are professionally trained and are guaranteed to leave your house sparkling.
Various cleaning companies have various cleaning specialties. If you are in the market to look for a cleaning company, research on the services they offer. Cleanings services offered by these companies usually include, but are not limited to cobweb removal, mopping of floor, vacuuming carpets, making beds, cleaning windows, general dusting and cleaning furniture.
As you speak with a cleaning company representative, don't forget to ask for a checklist to know what work is done and what needs to be done. Aside from the basic bathroom, kitchen and bedroom cleaning, good cleaning company should also offer to disinfect sinks, drawers and countertops to stop bacteria growth.