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Looking to Move to a New Area?

Moving house is a stressful time whether you’re moving across the globe, across the country or even across the street! That said, there are a lot of differences between each moving process, and it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of pressure that comes with moving home. If you’re looking to move to a new area there are a lot of things to first consider, and this handy guide will help you through the process.-    First things first – narrow down your search. If you’re moving for work-related purposes then chances are you haven’t really got much say in the area you’re relocating to, but if you’re moving with the intentions of looking for a fresh start then the world is your oyster! Consider what exactly it is you’re looking for – a city apartment or the dream house in the suburbs? Do you want to be close to a capital city or are you not fussed? Are you looking for a place that’s easy to travel to should friends and family want to stop by? What about your children and the available education in the town you’re looking at? These are all things to think about when trying to find a new area in which to live.-    Next up comes the research part. You now hopefully have a rough idea of where you want to live, but what exactly do you know about the area? Take your time exploring your new potential region, speak to local people and have a look at crime figures for the street you’re interested in, as well as the surrounding area. This is especially important if you’re moving with children as you’ll want to prioritise their safety!-    Moving to a new area means a change of job, doctor, hospital, dentist, library, school and even your local supermarket. Make sure your new area is going to have all the things you and your family will need. It’s important to think about not only the needs of your family, but also what they desire. Don’t make the mistake of moving to a place that has poor educational services for your family, especially when it comes to higher education. You’ll need to make sure the local colleges offer courses your children will be interested in – there’s no point moving to an area in which your whole family isn’t happy!-    If you’re moving to a new area in the hopes of finding a job, you might want to reconsider. Moving is an expensive process, and if you have no employment lined up for when you arrive in your new house, you could end up struggling financially. Research into how likely it is that the ideal job for you will pop up. For example, if you’re a teacher you’re more likely to be able to find a job in the city with many schools as opposed to a small village with just one. Moving without having a job in place isn’t advisable as it can cause a lot of stress, worry and sleepless nights! Remember, you don’t have to have left your previous home to start applying for jobs in a different area, so get a head-start and apply for jobs before you find the perfect house.