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How to Remove and Transport your Pool Table

Whilst excitement rushes through your veins when thinking about moving to a new home, the daunting task of packing and transporting all your belongings overshadows the very same excitement. Most household items are suitable for packing, making your job slightly easier. However, it is the larger items that can be a bit tricky to pack and move.   Many people enjoy playing pool. It is a common pastime and many homes therefore have a pool table. When it comes to moving this pool table, one can be faced with quite a dilemma. This article will outline the two main ways in which a pool table can be removed, so you will not have to say goodbye to your beloved possession. The first way to transport your table is as a whole. If you own your own van or truck, this should be no problem at all. If you do not have a vehicle large enough to hold a whole pool table, do not be alarmed. There are many van hiring companies and other removal services which will gladly relocate your pool table for you. Prior to moving it however, it will need to be packed in one way or another. Cardboard boxes are definitely out of the question since it may be near impossible to find a box large enough to pack a pool table into. Even if you manage to find a box big enough, carrying it is going to be an issue. When transporting a whole pool table, the best way to do it is to wrap it, rather than pack it. Using bubble wrap to wrap your pool table will provide your table with all the protection needed to survive the strains of moving. It will ensure that your table will not end up scratched and defaced. The second option is to take the table apart and transport it. Many people may prefer this method since it makes the table a lot easier to move and transport.   You need to figure out how exactly to start the disassembling process. You need to ensure that you have all the right tools. This will make your job easier. To start off with, the rails of the pool table should be removed. Next, the pool table pockets need to be removed. In order do so, the table needs to be turned upside down. It is recommended that you do not turn the table over yourself.  Always make sure that there is someone there to help you do this. The felt then needs to be removed. Once again, ask someone to help you to turn the table back to the upright position. You need to be careful when removing the felt because it can be glued or stapled. Using too much force can cause the felt to rip, which is definitely not what you want. The slate of the pool table now needs to be removed. It is almost definite that it is screwed to the table. Therefore, you will need either a manual or electric screwdriver. Do not apply too much pressure since it may damage the head of the screw, especially if it is covered by beeswax or any substance similar to it. Finally, the legs of the table should be removed. Once again, this should be done by either using a screwdriver, or an Allen key, depending on how they are attached to the rest of the table. Make sure that you pack all nuts and bolts in a bag and keep it safe. You’re now ready to go, and take your pool table with you!