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How to Keep Your Moving Boxes after Your Move

Congratulations for successfully moving all your belongings in your new home. Now that you have organized everything in your new home, your next problem is how dispose those moving boxes.

You have two choices on what you can do with your moving boxes. The first one is you can keep them and the other one is you can dispose them. Here are some suggestions on what to do with them after your move:

If you will just throw them away, you may want to give them to a recycling company where they could make use, sell, or even recycle them.

Some recycling companies might even buy them from you, including your packing papers and old newspapers that you used from your move.

You can also put them in your newspaper, community, or even online ad and sell them at a cheaper price. There are many people who are also looking for second hand moving boxes in order to use for their move.

If you have plans of moving again or you just simply want to keep them for future use, you can fold them properly, use packing tape to tuck each folds together, and place them in your attic or basement.