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How To De-Clutter When Moving

When you ask a removal company for a quote, they will probably send down an assessor who will review the volume of stuff that you intend to move and will give you an estimate price accordingly.  As such, it is to your advantage to carry as little as possible to your new home.  Not only will it save you money on your removals, but it will also help you get rid of old stuff and make space for new ones in your new home.  When you are trying to get rid of clutter, don’t simply throw it away; if it is still in a useable or valuable form, you can always recycle or give it away. You can even earn some money in the process. Here are some ways you can get rid of things you don’t need.1.    Sell your itemsIf your belongings are still working or can be of value to someone, considering selling it in garage sales or on websites such as eBay, Gumtree etc. This usually works for items such as books, cards, stamps, jewellery, furniture, vintage items etc. You never know how much someone is willing to pay for your trash. Putting advertisements in local newspapers, shop windows and community magazines is also a good way to attract prospective buyers. Make sure you outline the delivery or collection criteria and any other fact that you think the buyer would like to know. More often, you could always find a prospective buyer in the new tenants. 2.    Give away to charityIf there are things that you can’t carry with you but which are valuable and in a good state, it would do well to find them a new home amongst friends and families. Alternatively, you could also donate them to charitable institutions such as the British Heart Foundation. Freecycle is a nationwide network where you can easily find someone in your neighbourhood who will want something you need to give away. Some charities will offer to pick up items at your home, saving you the trouble of going elsewhere to dispose them. Schools are always in need of painting equipment, computers, printers, books and other educational materials. 3.    RecycleIf you need to get rid of items like clothing, glass and cardboard, some of the local facilities such as superstores and retail parks will have places where you can deposit these items. This will save you the trouble of having to travel to a shop. You can also give away your items such as electronics, cars or furniture to vendors who will recycle these parts. Essentially, you could recycle a lot of items for your own household. Put on your creative hat and get on some do-it-yourself blogs to see how you can reuse old bottles or a broken down car. 4.    Throw awayThere are some items that are so broken and disused that they need to be thrown away.  If you have too many of these, you could consider hiring a skip to make the disposal process easier. Alternatively, you could also load everything in your car and drive down to the nearest dump where they have better recycling facilities. Hoarding is a bad habit that will cost you when it comes to hiring a moving company for moving house. If you are in two minds about whether you should carry something to the new home or not, you probably don’t use it enough and should get rid of it. After you are done de-cluttering, contact a few removal companies or man and van services for an assessment of the stuff left behind and compare quotes accordingly.