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Environmentally Friendly Shipping Supplies For Your Home Removals

When you’ve got something as pressing and time-consuming as a house move to plan, making environmentally friendly decisions is probably the last thing on your mind. And it is an understandable situation: moving homes is not easy feat, so not making an extra effort in the midst of so much chaos and confusion is hardly something you can be blamed for. However, if you are an environmentally conscious person, or you would like to be, you probably already know that it is the little things that count more than the big, one-time gestures. And during a home relocation, there are endless opportunities for doing your bit for the environment. A simple case in point: most packaging supplies and moving materials are made from raw materials that come from the environment: whether you choose to reuse or recycle them after you’re done, or just throw them away, the point is that once you purchase them, you are responsible for having used up something that came from the earth. Now, reusing and recycling things certainly helps reduce the negative impact on the planet, but why not take it a step further and use biodegradable supplies that can actually help make a positive effect, and not just reduce the negative? There are tonnes of options to choose from, when it comes to purchasing biodegradable packing and shipping supplies to make home removals  just a tad bit more environmentally friendly. Whether you want to start small and just swap one or two items for their biodegradable alternatives, or you’d like to plan a completely green home removal, this article has some great ideas!To begin with, you should most certainly consider finding a substitute for Styrofoam. Styrofoam is a very commonly used packaging material, but unfortunately it isn’t biodegradable, which means that once you are done with it and have disposed it, it will pollute the environment and cause some damage, however minute. Instead, we recommend replacing Styrofoam with other packaging supplies wherever possible. For instance, if you’re using Styrofoam pellets as filling in packaging boxes, reuse old newspaper by crumpling it into balls instead. Go online to look for retailers that sell biodegradable packing boxes. While reusing packing boxes is a good way of getting the most out of them and steering clear of purchasing them again and again, by buying biodegradable boxes you go a step further and ensure that when you do finally dispose of the boxes, they won’t cause any damage to the environment. Few people are aware of the fact that you can actually purchase biodegradable bubble wrap instead of the standard bubble wrap. It might cost a bit more than the ordinary version, but when you think of the long-term good that you are doing by making this choice, it is certainly worth the investment. Instead of using regular packing peanuts, you can use biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts. These are manufactured using sorghum starch and corn, and given that starch is a natural and hence biodegradable product, so are all its by-products. This means that cornstarch packing peanuts are biodegradable and once you’ve used them and disposed of them, they will naturally disintegrate and return to the environment without causing any harm to it. A common concern with purchasing biodegradable packaging materials instead of regular packaging materials is that of quality. Most people are hesitant about making the switch because they are worried about how it will affect the durability and strength of the packaging supplies. You should rest easy knowing that biodegradable packaging supplies are just as strong and durable as regular packaging supplies. All you have to do is purchase them from a reliable retailer who is known for dealing in biodegradable wares.