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Eco friendly moving boxes

In these times of environmental concerns, it is indispensable to opt for eco friendly moving boxes. Millions of people move every year, locally, interstate and internationally. So you can imagine the amount of cardboard boxes being used in the process of relocating. In fact, according to regulatory authorities, cardboard boxes are mass produced than any other material for business and transportation purposes. It has been statistically proven that fourteen percent of all municipal waste in solid form is in the form of cardboard containers.   Why use eco-friendly moving boxes?   Cardboard boxes used for moving are recyclable in nature.  They are durable and come in different sizes and shapes. You can get them from supermarkets, stores and retailers who sell recycled items.   Eco friendly moving companies also use moving boxes that are recyclable. In case you are using your own moving boxes, you can give them to the moving company after using them or give them to someone else who can make use of them whilst moving. Simply throwing them as trash will only add to the accumulating waste that can cause harm to the environment.   By using eco friendly moving boxes, you are not only enjoying a safe and pollution-free move. You are also contributing to a better environment. Additionally, you are helping in your own sweet way towards the betterment of a cash-strapped economy.