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5 Tips on Packing Large and Awkward Items

Large items generally occupy more space in the vehicle. That is why you need to maximize the space it is occupying. One way to do that really is to fill drawers with small items. Just make sure though that the drawers are tied with a rope. To avoid scratches, pad the items though. Make sure that the large item will not be get very heavy too. Awkward items could also occupy more space. That is why furniture is usually disassembled. Legs are tied or taped together and boxed together. Again, protect it with padding. Put all bolts and nuts in a bag so they would not get lost. Appliances are best packed in their original packaging. The boxes are just about the right sizes. There's cushion in the form of Styrofoam as well. And so the appliances fit snugly and they are safer from shock. The parts are not shaken while in transit because of this. If you have a refrigerator or a freezer though, you have to empty them first. And before you pack them, you should clean out the refrigerator first. It would be safer if you put some towels on the washer sides. All movable parts should be taped as well. Then you should cover the whole thing and tie it securely. If you have lawnmowers, you should empty the fuel tank before packing. Check for oil leaks as well. By following these packing tips, you would not only be able to transport your things properly but safely as well.